Tips & Tricks

Spring Bulbs let the leaves feed the bulb after the flowers expire so that next years blooms are robust. Don't cut them back until the leaves have turned brown.



Instant (Almost) Grass

Mix good peat based potting soil with grass seed and a touch of fertilizer to get the grass growing fast. Spread the mixture over bare spots about 1" thick and water daily (just a light sprinkle) and see grass in no time!



Maintaining Tree Health

Spread a bag of manure at the base of each tree (no contact with the bark) annually for amazing growth, weed control, and year long feeding with micronutrients. Only use well composted manure, you don't need odours!



Watering Trees

Water trees deeply but not too often. Daily watering encourages shallow roots which you don't want! It is much better to let the hose dribble for 1 hour at the base of the tree for deep watering. Do this once a week in hot dry summers.



When to Fertilize?

Fall fertilizing is the most important for lawns. Spring is the next most vital feeding. Fall fertilization builds healthy roots for next spring's early start.



Clover is Amazing!

At one time gardeners often tried to eradicate clover in their lawns. Of course you don't want it in your garden as it will crowd out other plants. In the lawn, clover breaks up hard soil with deep penetrating roots. This allows rain to soak in deeper instead of running off. Clover fixes nitrogen from the air - Free Fertilizer. Clover is green like grass and comes back every year. Clover - often better than grass and maintenance free.