Small Space Garden

Small space gardens are gardens that are made in small areas that have limited in-ground gardening space; this is very similar to urban agriculture. This is commonly seen in small yards, apartment balconies or inside a building.

To create more useable space for gardening when there is limited soil in ground, use pots to add more space. When planting in pots, make sure to use potting soil, which will have nutrients mixed into the soil. The types of plants that are planted depend on your preferences. We recommend liquid plant food to add nutrients back into the potted soil. Ask our knowledgeable staff to learn more about how to care for your plants!

For indoor plants, we have a large variety of indoor and exotic plants. Common, easy-to-care-for plants are Wandering Jew, Snow bush and succulents. For easy planters to be put out on balconies and patios, pick up one of our patio planters. For outdoor plants, ask our staff for recommendations!