Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean gardens are commonly seen in warmer climates, but they can be recreated for Canada's climate. These gardens look good, but they also smell just as good! This means it is important to have fragrant flowers and plants in the garden to create a Mediterranean garden.

Most of these kinds of garden have paved pathways that are lined with fragrant flowers, or with clay pots that have flowers and spillers in them.

We recommend drought-resistant plants and succulents to put in the garden to make it more low maintenance. For fragrance, we recommend Lavender and Rosemary. Use Sweet potato vine or Variegated vinca vine for spillers in pots. Some flowers that would work well for Mediterranean gardens would be Rock rose, Bougainvilleas, and Geraniums. Many of these garden feature an olive tree, but the climate in Canada is too cold for one; we recommend planting a small native tree or bush instead.