English Cottage Garden

This garden type is less structured than other gardens, and feature densely planted flowerbeds. English cottage gardens make effective use of colour, height and texture contrast for their own unique look.

When considering putting in an English cottage garden, be mindful of the conditions that your plants will grow. Keep in mind the light and soil type that you have when looking for plants, and always feel free to make use of knowledgeable staff at your local garden centre! Contrast is key in this garden type, but keep in mind smaller plants could get lost, so be sure to plant enough, and give them plenty of room.

English cottage gardens often make use of roses, and upright shrubs like Boxwood and Yew. Perennials such as Lavender, Peony, and Daylily and many others make up the bulk of plantings. Annual plants in hanging baskets and planters make excellent accents in this garden type.