Desert Garden

A ​Canadian desert garden may sound like an oxymoron, but this style of garden is possible in this climate indoors and out! 


As well, regions of Canada such as Southern British Columbia, parts of Alberta, and some parts of Ontario have desert-like or arid climates.

Indoor cactus and succulent plants such as Aloe, Jade, and Desert Rose are an easy way to bring the arid motif inside. Provided they are given plenty of light, heat, and little water, these plants will flourish with very little work.

An outdoor desert garden can be more difficult to accomplish, but through using readily available materials and perennials this garden type can be accomplished and takes very little maintenance! Hardy succulent perennials such as Opuntia and Hens and Chicks as well as rough textured plants like Yucca and grasses make for a simple low maintenance planting. 

Red coloured stone or mulch groundcover with the odd armourstone accent tie the whole planting together.