Year-Round Gardening 

Every season offers something unique in the garden... 


Early spring presents snow drops and even tulips pushing through the left over snow and frozen ground. Then the buds on the trees swell and leaves start to form in April and May. Planting starts in earnest in early May with pansies and cold crop vegetables such as onion sets, lettuce and spinach. Late May presents annuals as far as the eye can see.



Summer is the time to enjoy the lush green grass you've worked hard to grow. The annuals flourish and perennials blossom one after another.


Fall comes and brilliant colours are painted all over the garden.



Soon it's time for a fresh cut Christmas tree. After a sleepy winter the cycle repeats itself year after year. 

Always remember the garden is there to enjoy - take the time to smell the roses and revel in the beauty that nature bestows upon us everyday.